About Us

Face TV is a unique video production company broadcasting on Sky Channel 83.

Whether it's a 30-minute TV shows broadcast live to air & streamed live to the Internet or a 3-minute promotional video delivered direct to a key audience, Face TV has the equipment, expertise & experience in-house.

Our fully-equipped central Auckland studio has the ability to go live to air and stream online, with full editing suites and production artists at your call.

Face TV is unique in targeting niche audiences and getting your message to those that matter, reaching audience on satellite TV, Internet, and through social media platforms.

Face TV is leading the way in which New Zealanders consume and create content for their particular audience. If you or your business/club/organisation has a message to spread, Face TV is your right choice of production partner.

We also screen a schedule of locally-produced and internationally-sourced culturally-diverse content. Face TV is your way into broadcasting, the modern, accessible TV channel that can take your concept and turn it into reality.

Put your program among some great company, Face TV carefully curates and broadcasts some of the best political, news, documentary and current affairs shows available - Democracy Now, Euromaxx, Yahweh Voice, Focus On Europe. We broadcast in Dutch, German, Spanish, Hindi, Tongan and Samoan language.

Face TV has a proud history of community TV. First as Triangle TV in Auckland and now nationally as Face TV, we have been successfully broadcasting for over seventeen years. Thanks to the wonderful management at Sky TV here in NZ, we broadcast 24/7 on channel 083.

Talk to us today - Face TV is Access Television made for you & by you. We provide the opportunity, means, support, equipment & infrastructure to create your own TV show; this is niche, targeted television at its best!

Our experienced staff offer any level of assistance you may require to turn your TV show concept into broadcasting reality. Even if you’ve never stepped inside a TV studio before, you can make it happen- you can!

Viewing is on Sky Channel 083, proudly supported by Sky Television. Check our schedule